Culture of Revival - Never be Lacking in Zeal

Culture of Revival - Never be Lacking in Zeal

The apostle Paul charged the Church to never be lacking in zeal, which compels believers to a life of radical service. Zeal is one of the greatest virtues that we could possibly pass on to the next generation—a zeal for the lost, a zeal for God’s glory, a zeal for His presence, a zeal for godly marriages and families, and a zeal for revival and reformation. Godly zeal will sustain moves of God more than human passion ever could and will energize believers until they have completed their God-given assignment on this earth. In this book you will learn how to:


Cultivate a dreaming heart • Clear out distractions

Receive vision to pursue God with all diligence

Abide in God's fullness with fiery and lasting zeal

Serve in the spirit of Jesus • Obtain the promises of God

See God's kingdom come in the nations of the world


Prepare to have zeal redefined, reemphasized, and made practical so that you are transformed into a zealous servant of Jesus and His ever-advancing kingdom!



This book is filled with insights to equip the reader for a lifestyle of sustained revival. The authors are all torchbearers for this great move of God, yet their instruction is profoundly practical, paving the way for a generation to complete the mandate given by God. Read as one who has no options but to please God with every breath, and you, too, will burn with a holy fire!

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church – Redding, CA

Author, When Heaven Invades Earth and Essential Guide to Healing


Culture of Revival is a crucial message to bring revelation for what a cultural reformation will look like in this current global wave of God. Sean Feucht and Andy Byrd are burgeoning young leaders, full of godly character and fresh articulation, calling a generation into abandonment and total obedience to Jesus and His teachings.

Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer – Kansas City, MO

Author, Passion For Jesus and After God’s Own Heart


I love these guys! My heart is so deeply moved to see this new breed of young men and women who love and honor their spiritual fathers and who carry a double portion of their love, their anointing, their vision, and their sacrifice.

When I read this book, hope erupts in me like never before with expectation for a glorious revival manifestation and an earth-shaking cultural transformation. Jesus, ruin every reader with a vision for this kind of Christianity to fill the earth!

Lou Engle