BURN 24-7: Live From the Furnace

BURN 24-7: Live From the Furnace

Featuring LIVE PROPHETIC WORSHIP FROM THE FURNACE Recorded LIVE in August 2007 in Amarillo, Texas at Kevin Prosch's new world class studio!


- Sean Feucht

- Kevin Prosch

- Keith & Sanna Luker

- Adam Cates

- Chris Stewart

- Symon Hajjar

- Kevin Wright

- and more...

We all came streaming out of our respective cities to converge on an oasis in the Texas desert. A band of Psalmists and Poets, armed only with our instruments and a sense that we were being invited to peek behind the natural veil into the realm of God and Angels. Kevin Prosch, a spiritual father for many modern minstrels, had invited the Burn 24-7 crew to come to his world class studio for a live recording project. From August 17-18 we let the tape roll for 24 hours… we never expected this! Isaiah tells us that “…those who wait on the Lord… will mount up with wings like the eagle.” So wait is exactly what we did. Every Psalmist is jealous for those sacred moments when the one playing the instrument becomes the instrument that is being played. It is a gift like no other to be suspended in a place between heaven and earth, to be a gate from which Heaven can invade earth. Just as the sound from David’s harp drove back the darkness covering King Saul, we dreamed of a sound that would roll back the darkness covering our cities and even the nations.

As the hours passed it became evident that God had been anticipating this event far more than we had. His heart became almost tangible to many of us as we lingered in His Presence. Songs of Deliverance, Intimacy, War & Victory, Joy & Struggle… were poured out through the musicians and singers by the Holy Spirit. We were Burning… He was Burning… It was Beautiful!